We, at Spa Relax, offer you endless opportunities. Thanks to our material – expanded penopolystyrene, as well as the subsequent covering, we give you many solutions in one product – beginning with moisture protection, efficient heat insulation to a high level of functionality and good basis for laying paneling. Our material is great for paneling of new and old wet and dry rooms, for creation of shapes and uniqueness.


From the idea to the installation

1. You have an idea …

You have views or a concrete idea for your spa and wellness center? Let’s discuss it together!


2 … we plan together


on your architectural plan we will design the separate EPS elements and their technology.


3. …we prepare according to the measurements …

After a signed offer or a contract, we prepare precisely and accurately the ordered articles in accordance with the measurements for your spa center in our production halls.


4. …we deliver at the spot.

Accurately and efficiently we deliver all articles and details and step by step we build your spa center. There is also an option to provide you with easy to understand drawings and you can put together the details of your small spa center by yourself. Send us your ideas or projects, contact telephone number and we will contact you in order to develop and cultivate your idea.

E-mail: office@sparelax.eu



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