Ceramic design


   Reborn from the depths of time, mosaic found countless new faces in the hands of the skilful masters of Spa Relax and turned into one of the most fashionable and luxurious decorations of our millennium.

   Its applications today are dazzlingly diverse: it is not suitable for floors only any more, but it climbs to the walls and the ceilings, it covers doors and screens, even modernist furniture; it leaves the bathroom and settles in the bedroom, the living-room and the reception, it goes out on the porch and decorates the inner yard.


   Spa Relax offers you unique design of decorative and art painted walls of pyroceramic tiles for complete design – spa centers, pools, areas around the pool, wall pictures, design of rooms and facades.

   If you wish, we can prepare a picture of pyroceramic tiles following your design /photograph, drawing ,etc./. Just send a photo to our e-mail address and we will fulfill your wish, we will transform your photograph in a pyroceramic picture.

E-mail: office@sparelax.eu

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